The Cool Cloud of Okayness

A new full length album of songs in the tradition of albums. Read more about it, stream the first single, Curling, and pre order the record at Orindal Records.


Apr 12, 2024- Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon (w/ Thalia Zedek) TJO TRIO

Apr 24, 2024- Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool (w/ Ryley Walker) TJO DUO

Apr 27, 2024- Joshua Tree, CA @ The Firehouse (w/ Itasca) TJO DUO

May 06, 2024- Ojai, CA @ Kim Maxwell Studio (w/ Setting) TJO DUO

May 09, 2024- Chicago, IL @ Constellation (w/ Duffy x Uhlmann) TJO DUO

May 10, 2024- Bloomington, IN (w/ Duffy x Uhlmann) TJO DUO

May 11, 2024- Louisville, KY @ B-Side (w/ Duffy x Uhlmann & Walford-Brown) TJO DUO