A Room Of Her Own: REI NAITO and Light by Yuko Nakamura 2015

Valencia the Movies Chapter 7 by Michelle Lawler original music by TJO and Rachel Carns 2012

Medusa Smack by Vanessa Renwick  original score by TJO 2012

Medusa Smack- documentation of installation, and then, one channel from Vanessa Renwick on Vimeo.

Sunset Stories  by Ernesto Foronda and Silas Howard original song 2012

Inter/View short by Makino Takashi (with Brian Mumford)  2010

Bassackwards feature by  Linas Phillips (with Lori Goldston)  2010

Great Speeches From A Dying World documentary feature by Linas Phillips (with Lori Goldston) 2009

On Paper Wings documentary feature by Ilana Sol 2008

The Perfume of Accident feature by Theo Angell 2007

Atenamor short by Theo Angell  2005

Cascadia Terminal short by Vanessa Renwick 2005

Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal from Vanessa Renwick on Vimeo.

At the Vanishing Point, by Naomi Izuka for the Humana Festival of New American Plays (score and sound design)Louisville, KY 2003