sum summer

hello people

the spring shows in the desert were amazing. thanks to everyone who came out to the incredible locations.

thank you PMoMA, a thousand points of light, ohioan, and ed keeylocko for making the shows.


this summer ill be working on new song material and also performing instrumental works, solo and in collaboration with James Kidd and the Sunland Dancers.

there are a few incredible performances coming very soon…



JUNE 26 the Getty Center LA with James Kidd part of the Friday night series curated by the LUCKY DRAGONS (free!)

JULY 16  SUBSTRATA FESTIVAL 1.5 at the Chapel in SEATTLE.  3 nights of adventurous ambient music. very limited seating, get your ticket here and soon….

AUGUST 20.  an old style song set at my old haunt, MAX FISH NYC.  (more on this soon)

SEPTEMBER 5  BOFFO Fire Island residency performance with James Kidd.  we will be working on a new piece for 2 weeks.  we will present this work in progress at a yet undetermined location in Fire Island Pines.  visit BOFFO to learn more about the program and the specifics of our performance.




REMEMBERING MOUNTAINS is available now from Tompkins Square,  in all formats.  it is an honr.  it is really good.


where shine new lights…